State licensing regulations require that each child admitted must have had a medical examination obtained within the last 6 months. With returning families, we ask that within 1 month of your first visit, you give us a copy of this physical.


Each parent, upon arrival, must sign a statement indicating that the child’s immunizations are up-to-date. With returning families, we ask that you also give us a copy for us to keep with our records.

In accordance with the State of Delaware code, we will not permit a child who has symptoms of illness such as: diarrhea, acute vomiting, severe coughing or sore throat, temperature of 101.5 degrees F. or above, yellow skin (jaundiced), red eyes with discharge, infected lesions, difficult or rapid breathing, severe itching, skin rashes, swollen joints, visibly enlarged lymph nodes, stiff neck, blood or pus from ear, skin, urine, stool, or unusual behavior for the child. Symptoms which indicate any of the following diseases: chicken pox, impetigo, lice, scabies, or strep throat.  Other health exclusions include any “Reportable Communicable Diseases” listed by the State of Delaware, Division of Public Health.

Medication can only be given by staff members authorized in accordance with State Law and cannot be administered to a child without written permission from the child’s parent. All medication shall be in its original container, properly labeled, and authorized by the child’s health care provider. All medications will be stored where it is inaccessible to children.

***In consideration of all our patrons, please refrain from visiting when your child is feeling ill.

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"We have been extremely happy with Kids Cottage and how well our kids have done since being there. Our son was just enrolled in Rehoboth Elementary School and the staff there was very impressed with how well he did on his DIAL screening. When we told them he just graduated from Kids Cottage, they had nothing but good things to say about you all and the children who have come to them from there and how well those children have done. Thank you!"

The Thompsons


Preschool Registration 2022-23

Preschool and Pre-K Registration 2022-23 is currently FULL with a waiting list.